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As the world becomes more connected, people are increasingly aware of the plight of endangered animals. This awareness can translate into action, with people becoming more likely to donate to conservation efforts or support policies that protect endangered species. In addition, as awareness of endangered animals grows, people may be more likely to visit areas where they can see these animals in the wild, providing much-needed revenue for conservation efforts. Ultimately, increased awareness of endangered animals can help to ensure their survival. As more people learn about the threats these animals face, they will be more likely to take action to help protect them. In this way, trending endangered animals can help to ensure their own survival.

Critically Endangered Animals Worldwide

Amur leopard

Black rhinoceros

Cross River gorilla

Hawksbill turtle

Javan rhinoceros

Leatherback turtle

Mountain gorilla

North Atlantic right whale


South China tiger

Sumatran rhinoceros

Sumatran elephant

Sumatran tiger


White rhinoceros

Asian elephant

Bornean orangutan

Humphead wrasse

Malayan tapir




*Never introduce, grow or host a species without the help and approval of a qualified Scientist, Government Agency and/or Licensed Expert.

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