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Some popular interior design trends right now include minimalism, industrial chic, Scandinavian design, and mid-century modern.  The sudden trend towards Maximalism can be seen as a reaction against the minimalism that has been popular in recent years. Second, maximalism can be a way to express individuality and personal style in a world where we are increasingly inundated with mass-produced and cookie-cutter items. Finally, maximalism can simply be seen as a fun and over-the-top trend that allows people to experiment with bold colors, patterns, and textures.

Spring 2022 Home Decor

Maximalism Interiors

Retro Interiors 70's

Nature in Interior Design

Multipurpose Interiors

Zen Interior Design

Minimalism Interiors

Chex and Stripes Interiors

Home Office Interiors

Sustainable Interiors

Organic Interiors

Eco Friendly Interiors

Rounded Edges Interiors

Inverted Contrast Interiors

Neutral Color Interiors

Shades of Green Interiors

Boho Interiors

Patterned Floors Trending

Intimate Interiors

Playful Interiors

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