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Insects are vital to our ecosystem, but they are in danger of becoming extinct. There are many reasons why insects are endangered, but the main reason is habitat loss. As humans continue to develop land for homes and businesses, we are destroying the natural habitats that insects need to survive. Pesticides and other chemicals are also taking a toll on insect populations. Insects play a vital role in our ecosystem.


Insects pollinate our plants, help control pests, and provide food for other animals. Without insects, our ecosystem would collapse. There are many things we can do to raise public awareness of the importance of insects and help protect them from becoming extinct. We can start by educating others on the role insects play in our ecosystem and the importance of preserving their habitats. We can also make an effort to use less pesticides and other chemicals that are harmful to insects. And finally, we can support organizations that are working to protect insects and their habitats.

Endangered Insects Worldwide

*Never introduce, grow or host a species without the help and approval of a qualified Scientist, Government Agency and/or Licensed Expert.

Monarch Butterfly

Checkerspot Butterfly

Karner Blue Butterfly

Blackburn's Sphinx Moth

Hawaiian Happy-Face Spider

Emerald Dragonfly

Kauai Cave Wolf Spider

Spruce-fir Moss Spider

Endangered Earwigs


Golden Lancehead


Lord Howe Island stick insect

Black-and-Yellow Lancehead

Darwin's Bark Spider




Gooty Sapphire Tarantula

Honey Bees

Spined dwarf mantis



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